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Midwest City Christian

First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)
11950 East Reno Midwest City, OK 73130

A Word from Mike…
Once again, this Sunday we will be starting our Member Education Classes.  Traditionally called a Pastor’s Class or a New Member Class, we want to invite potential members, but we also want to offer the class to other church folks who might want to learn more about Christianity, our denomination and local history as well.The Member Education Class will meet in the lobby of the Jeanette Clemens Activity Center (JCAC).  The class will start on February 28th, March 6th and March 13th at 9:45 a.m.  On March 20th, the day of our choir cantata and 10 a.m. unified service, we will meet at my house at 6:30 p.m. for dessert and a wrap-up conversation.  Don’t worry, promise I won’t actually cook any desserts myself!

*Thought for the week.  Has God blessed you?  If so, identify and be intentional about who you are going to be a blessing to each day this week!

Thanks for sharing the journey,


Youth Yak
Hello FCC!!!Last Sunday was such a fun, life-giving day here at FCC-MWC!!!  It was such a delight to share with you in worship, to dine alongside you at yet another A-MAZ-ING Fellowship event, and to play volleyball with all sorts of great people from our church and the community (although I’m not terribly certain that piece of cake was a good idea right before stepping on the volleyball court…).  We’ve got a really great thing going on here with our congregation and I am thankful to do ministry alongside you.

This will be a relatively “normal” week for our Youth Ministry.  We will meet this Wednesday, 2/24 at 6:00 p.m. THANK YOU to the Oliver family for helping to supply dinner.  We will be continuing our study of the Spiritual Disciplines and this week we will be exploring the discipline of Solitude.  On Sunday, 2/28 we will meet for Sunday school at 9:45 a.m. to continue our exploration of “The Seven Deadly Sins” and this week we will be discussing “Lust.”  Sunday evening Youth Groups will take place at 5:00 p.m.

On Sunday, 2/28, our Children (5th Grade and under) and their parents/grandparents are invited to stick around after Second Service and join me in the kitchen for a session of Pretzel Making.  We will make pretzels from scratch and will talk about what pretzels can teach us about prayer and about the season of Lent.

Grace and Peace, 


Thank You Notes…

Dear Church Family,

Your cards, calls and prayers were greatly appreciated for my recent corrective surgery. Thank you! Also thank you to those who took the time to sign the church card in the narthex. It was greatly appreciated too. You are all the best. Your friendship, love and support is a blessing.

Christian Love,
Sandy Lees


Dear FCC-MWC Family,

Thank you for all the thoughts, prayers, and well-wishes for our family as Joshua had his tubes put in on Tuesday.  We truly felt your presence with us.
Thank you to Pastor Mike for braving the rain and the traffic to come pray with us before surgery.

Grace and Peace,


Dear Church Friends,
Thank you just doesn’t seem enough for everything our church family did during my oral surgery. The prayers, cards, and visits were greatly appreciated. While I’m not done with all of my surgeries, I know I will be ok because my God and my church has my back. If someone has a question on whether prayers help – believe me, they do.

In Christ,
Donna & David Brubaker


Given to Mobile Meals:
In memory of Pat Peeler
From: Carol Ford   Text Box: MEMORIAL

To Mobile Meals:
In memory of Pat Peeler
From: Carol Ford

2016 Offering Statements Available

Please remember to pick up your 2016 offering statements and offering envelopes in the church narthex. We appreciate the postage savings!
Thank you!

Donations given to the Associate Pastor fund must be marked Salary or Endowment. If unmarked the funds automatically go to Endowment. Thank you—John Northcutt

On The Horizon

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JCAC Calendar

Women’s Fitness
6:30 pm  Th

Women’s Bible Study
5:30 pm, T


Flowers for Sunday, February 28th are given by Nadine Richardson in memory of her husband, Rich Richardson.

Serving Schedule
Sunday, February 28, 2016

Beverly Bonnewell & David Tiller

Serving Deacons:
Ertel Hall*        Beverly Albee
Joni Tiller         Logan Davis

10:45 AM
Brett Moler & Susie Howard

Serving Deacons:
Julie Moler           Larry McKinney
Barbara Brewer   Charlie Stanfill
Dona Stanfill        Reagan Cook

Ella Updegraff & Hunter Deaton


Prayer Concerns* Joshua Todd
* Mitchell Deaton (St. Anthony’s)
* David McCollum (death of his Grandfather, W. Lee McCollum)
* Family and friends of W. Lee McCollum
* Fredia Cox (death of her son Jimmy)
Mary Nirschl
Donna Brubaker
Taytum Davis (Loessin, Davis and Lackey family)
Mozelle & Fred McKinney
Tim Daniels (Oliver)
Charlie Stanfill
Jim Nauman (Brubaker)
Deane Upchurch (Moler)
Collin Clabes (Hill)
Kathi Miller (Gambill)
Elizabeth Dunn (Debra’s daughter)
Janet Dunn (Debra’s mother-in-law)
Joan Johanning (Moler)
Larry Springfield
Jim Isaac
Judy & Tommy Martin (Mitsy & Craig Davis)
Charley Smith (Lorene McMahan)
Betty Davis
Beth Scruggs-McGee (Holts)
Julie Luman (Molers)
Gerald Queen (McCollums)

*Notes a new addition

Congregation Long-Term Prayer List and/or Shut-ins:   Nellis & Dottie Adams, Lola Jean Ashford, Arlene Burkhalter, Guy Burkhart, Loleta Clark, Hazel Craddock, Carol Ford, Ken Foust, Janyce Harkins, Dona Harris, Leo & Annie Hill, Bill & Robbie McGruder, Eugene Mellinger, Imogene Nikkel, Bertha Owen, Cole Padgham, Ken Peeler, Harold & Anna Ruth Powers, Nadine Richardson, Lane Ross, Oliver Ray & Joyce Shirley, Ron Sipes, Shirley Tharp, Wendy Walters, Tom & Barbara Wilson, Julia Wingate, and Doris Wokaty

Family/Friends Long Term Prayer List: Laura Adams (Pat Adams), Steve & Merle Daly and Laurie & Jon Dawson (Wylies), Kelly Cox (Camps), Mitchell Deaton (Deatons), Brian Enright (Susan & Dwight Updegraff), Jim Johnson (Joe & Lenora Greffin), Ertel Hall, Jr. (Ertel’s father), Dan Hayes (Molers), Leo Hickman (Judy Gambill), Betsy Hormel (Leah Wakely), Sam Howard (Howards), Don Martin (Spradleys), Parker Mayfield (Padghams), Cathy Miller (Reids), Evelyn & Norman Lees (Lees), Judy Raines (Judy Gambill), Martin Shackleton (Jean Shackleton), Jo Schroeder (Pam & Ertel Hall), Kyndra Slechta (Brubakers), Dorothy Snell (Mike Snell), Donald Tennison (Farriesters).