Adult Ministry


Wednesday Bible Study, 6:30 p.m.  This study is led by Rev. Snell.  This is a verse by verse Bible study, where we look at contributing issues such as authorship, history and the intended audience.  A lesson plan is given out each night, but the class is discussion based, light-hearted and festive!

Meeting Place:  Library (Room (150)


Seekers Class:

This class uses the quarterly Sunday school curriculum Bible Quest.  This curriculum is a contemplative review and discussion of Bible teachings and the application of scripture to daily Christian living.

Teacher: Jude Lees and Billye Nipper

Meeting Place:  (Room 150) Library, halfway down the east hallway of the sanctuary building.

Pairs and Spares:

The Pairs and Spares Sunday school class has been a part of Midwest City First Christian Church for many years.  The group is made up of couples and singles of a wide range in ages.  The class does a variety of Bible and faith studies.

Teacher: Karen Holland

Meeting Place:  In the Fellowship Hall, behind the sanctuary.  

Faith Matters/Keller Class: 

Our lessons are class-driven and loosely structured.  We have been studying books of the bible and how the spiritual teachings contained therein apply to us today.  Our current study is of Old Testament prophets, how they were important to both the ancient Jews and to Jesus, and what lessons they hold for modern Christians.

Teacher: Kristyn Reid

Meeting Place:  (Room 149) Parlor

Theology 101:

This class is small and discussion based class.  The focus of the class is to deal with some of the basics of the Christian faith in a discussion environment.

Teacher: Rotation

Meeting Place:  (Room 137) Cry Room located diagonal to our church office.