First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)
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From Your  Senior Minister Search Committee…

 The Committee will be scheduling small discussion groups over the next few weeks. Seeking a new minister is about finding the person who best matches our congregation. The more members, participants and visitors we have participating in these discussions the better our committee will understand the hopes an dreams we share here at First Christian Church. As we prepare for these discussions, take time to reflect on the three following questions:
· What are your three most important reasons for attending church?

· What do you personally hope will happen  in your life by attending church?

· What services or activities help fulfill these important desires and why?
Please feel free to reach out to a committee member if you have any questions.
Thank you,
Becky Searcy, Chair


    …on Epiphanies

Sunday’s scripture was one of my favorite stories. It was from John (2:1-11) the Second Sunday after the Epiphany. In fact, it is another epiphany, this time revealing a miracle of Jesus. The first Epiphany was the visit of the Magi who declare Jesus as the new King or Messiah. The second is the Baptism of Jesus by John the Baptizer. The third is the wedding at Canna.
Weddings were communal events, a party lasting up to a week. It was a time of celebration and wine was the drink. The wine was supplied by the Bridegroom and to run out was a tragic embarrassment. So when Mary tells Jesus there is no more wine, she apparently is feeling sad for the couple and embarrassed for them.
We don’t know what Jesus means when he says his time has not yet come, but it is a theme that runs through John. Although this had little to do with Jesus mission, his mother was concerned for the couple. So Jesus set about to do something about it.
What we discover is that the people attending the celebration had little knowledge of what took place in the kitchen. It was the servants who actually knew plain water became wine. The chief steward only knew it was better wine than the first.
Here we are in a government shut-down. Many services we take for granted are not being provided. Like the servants in the kitchen who go about their tasks as directed, we go on day by day not really knowing what everyone does. But now we know they do much. Inspections, services, security are a few of the things fallen by the wayside.
We don’t see what they do until they are no longer doing it. Invisible service is nevertheless service. The welcome smile of an elderly woman who can no longer sing in the choir is still an act of great service to the visitor who feels out of place and alone. Like the servants in the kitchen who gathered the jugs and water, we may never notice but we would notice if they had not followed the instructions of Jesus. 

Rev. Larry B. Metzger
Interim Minister


FCC Youth Wednesday’s at 6 pm
Dinner starts at 6 pm and group time at 6:30. 
Please try to be on time so that you don’t miss anything!

Sundays at 5:00

Bring A Friend – See You There!

Deacon Server Meeting
Sunday, Jan 27 at 2 pm (Sanctuary)

This Sunday the deacons will meet in the sanctuary at 2 pm to:

· Address any questions on our responsibilities as Deacon servers

· Receive a copy of the serving schedule covering Feb 2019 through Jan 2020

· Be instructed by Pastor Metzger on our serving responsibilities for the 8:30 and 10:45 worship services.

Please contact Bryan Searcy at 620-0341 if you are unable to attend and to receive the meeting handout.


Order forms are in the Narthex
or call Bev Rubino
at 426-2685.

Place your order by Friday, February 1st.

$7.50 for Sub, Cookie & Chips!

This year proceeds will go to help Logan Davis attend the International Affairs Seminar over spring break. Thank you for supporting the students of our church!

The Youth group would like to invite all Valentines to attend a Come & Go dinner event Saturday, February 9, with seating beginning at 6:30 pm. Come enjoy a candlelit meal with your sweetheart along with some fantastic music provided by surprise entertainers. You and your Valentine will not want to miss this wonderful opportunity for an evening out and to support the annual youth group mission trip. Tickets are $30 per couple. You can make reservations by calling the church office anytime before Wednesday, February 6th.


The Youth sponsored Bake Potato Luncheon will be Sunday, February 27, in the JCAC immediately following 2nd worship service. This is a donation event and proceeds will also help Logan attend IAS over spring break. There will be a potato bar with regular and sweet potatoes, along with all the fixings! If you would be able to help provide a dessert, please reach out to Bev Rubino.

Calling all Scouts! Are you a Boy/Cub/Girl Scout? We’re looking for all the scouts out there in preparation of Scout Sunday. Please let Chris Miller know if you would like to participate.

Planning Ahead to 2019
I will be updating the list of members who have keys to the church property. If you currently have keys, please call the church office at 769-2727.

Thank you for your help!

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Search name:
First Christian Church MWC

Search name:
FCC Midwest City

Search name:
First Christian Church
(Disciples of Christ)
11950 E Reno Ave
Midwest City OK  73130

Interim Minister:
Rev. Larry Metzger

Sunday Worship Times:
8:30 & 10:45 am
 Mon – Thurs  9 – 4 pm   
Fridays 9 – NoonDisciples Around

Disciples News Service

Mark & Jamie Benge welcome Kyler Blake Cook, Grandbaby #7! He was born at 10:01 am on Friday, January 18th, weighing 8 lb 1 oz and 21” long to Kacie & Cody Cook and big brother Caden.


Flowers for Sunday, January 27, are given by Maxine Wheelan
In memory of her niece Terri Rouse


2019 Flower Calendar 

There are a few dates still open. The 2019 flower calendar is available in the office. The cost is $45 for each Sunday that you select. If possible, please pay for the flowers when you sign the calendar. The flowers are displayed at the entrance to the sanctuary every Sunday. Following worship service, they are delivered to two of our shut ins to enjoy throughout the week.

Please remember, there will be no flowers for dates that are not selected on the calendar.
Servants Scheduled to Serve
SUNDAY, January 27, 2019
8:30 am
Tom Hill

Serving Deacons:
Beverly Albee

10:45 am

Roger Camp
Wendy Walters

Serving Deacons:
Barbara Brewer
Carl Harley
Sandy Harley
Larry McKinney
Charlie Stanfill 
Dona Stanfill
Hunter Deaton
Case Lackey

WEDNESDAY, January 23
9:30 CWF Executive Day
6:00 YOUTH
6:30 Adult Bible Study
7:30 Chancel Choir Rehearsal
THURSDAY, January 24
9:00 Children’s Corner

SUNDAY, January 27
8:30 & 10:45 Worship Service
9:30 Sunday School
2:00 Deacon Servers Meeting
5:00 YOUTH

MONDAY, January 28
9:00 Mobile Meals

TUESDAY, January 29
9:00 Children’s Corner

WEDNESDAY, January 30
6:00 YOUTH
6:30 Adult Bible Study
7:30 Chancel Choir Rehearsal



*Senior Minister Search Committee
*Youth Minister Search Committee

*Family & Friends of Jana Davis (Albee)
*Family & Friends of Barbara Angelopoulos (English/Igo)
Millie Sawyer (Baptist Integris)
Paula Pettigrew Payne (Jo & Paul’s daughter)
Kathy Metzger (Rev. Metzger’s wife)
Karen Holt
Lynn Miller, Chris Miller’s mother
Shirley Neihoff
Alan Lloyd
Dorothy Keller
Wendy Walters
Kristyn Reid
Tanni Jamison
Lori Lange
Donna Brubaker
Anita Oliver
Steve Oliver’s mother, Laura
Dwain White (Faye Miller’s brother in law)
Ann Reynolds and family (Millie Sawyer)
Michael Neihoff
Lori Bonnewell
Orpha Wardlaw (Jo Pettigrew’s sister)
Jennifer Fulton (Lewis)
John Booth (McKinney)
Jim Brooks (Debbie Lloyd’s father)
John Martinez (Moler)
Jola Oliver (Steve Olivers stepmother)
Debbie Broome (Phillips)
Annis Hickman Miller (Judy Gambill’s niece)
Artie Howell (Willkerson)
Amy Loudermilk (coworker of Scott Lange)
Jimmy Lonsdale (coworker of Scott Lange)
Stephanie Rosillo (Keller)
Kenny Stanfill (Charlie Stanfill’s brother)
Danielle Rose (Lloyd)
Dawn Henderson (Moler)
Jerry Calcote (Robbie McGruder’s brother)
Scott & Crystal Wyatt (Gamblin)
Rosa Stock (M Holt)
Cathy Martinez (Moler)
Parker Family (Walters)
Rod & Cathy Lees (Lees)
Scott McCulloh (Reid)
Richard (Jenks)
Debbie Atkinson (Williams)
Perry Mercier (Corbin Choate’s step father)
Randall Burnett (Gambill)
Susannah Smith (Lees granddaughter)
Wanda Rickard (Moler)
Misti Leeper (Jamison)
Coleen Crow (Lange)

*Notes new addition
Congregation Long-Term Prayer List and/or Shut-ins:  

Nellis Adams, Lola Jean Ashford, Julie Avants, Barbara Benge, Katy Benge, Ashley Dean, Al & Virginia Douthitt, Ken Foust, Zola Lee Gaylor, Dona Harris, Dorothy Keller, Lisa Larkin, Lloyd Family, Betty Martin, Dr. Gifford McBride, Bill & Robbie McGruder, Mary Nirschl, Bertha Owen, Cole Padgham, Ken Peeler, Harold & Anna Ruth Powers, Vicki Richey, Lane Ross, Margaret Scears, Oliver Ray & Joyce Shirley, Shirley Tharp, Chris & Jacklena Whitlow, Barbara Wilson, Julia Wingate.
Family/Friends Long Term Prayer List: 

Lisa Coffman (Stanfill), Adrienne DiCarlo (Northcutt), Clifford Gamblin (Gamblin), Dan  Hayes (Moler), Leo Hickman (Gambill), Betsy Hormel (Wakely), Sam Howard (Howard), Jim Johnson (Greffin), Amber Leamy (Niehoff), Evelyn & Norman Lees (Lees), Don Martin (Spradley), Mozelle McKinney (McKinney), Cathy Miller (Reid),  Michael Niehoff (Niehoff), Jo Schroeder (Hall), Kyndra Slechta (Brubaker), Judy Soltis (Lewis), Joel & Jeff Staggs (Walters), Michael & Debbie Stevens (McGruder), Donald Tennison (Farriester), Alton Ray Tidwell (Niehoff), DeAnne Upchurch (Moler), Sharon Verity (Niehoff), Melanie Voice & family (Davis), Ronnie Watson (Howell), Lucille Williams (N Williams), Cindy Winkle (Fennell)