First Christian Church
(Disciples of Christ)
11950 East Reno
Midwest City, OK 73130


The FCC MWC semi-annual Food Drive to benefit the Mid-Del Food Pantry begins Sunday, May 5th and will run through Sunday, May 12th.

Hundreds of households in eastern Oklahoma County are impacted annually through assistance by the Mid-Del Food Pantry. Your donations directly impact the lives of families in our area by helping to provide nutritious meals during crisis situations and difficult times. 

The grocery cart will be placed in the narthex. Donations of 
nonperishable food items are very much appreciated!




SUNDAY, MAY 5 AT 9:30 am

Proceeds benefit the Outreach Ministries
at First Christian Church

Thank you!


 … on Generous Giving

What would you do with a million dollars? Perhaps more to the point: what would you do with millions of dollars?

Phillip Wollen is an Australian banker… or he was with Citibank and Citicorp. He made a great deal of money. He was vice-president of Citibank when he was 34. 

Around 1990 he decided to do what he called reverse tithing. He made a decision to give away 90 per cent of his capital… not interest but capital. 

He has donated millions to improving the environment and helping the powerless: children, animals and terminally ill. And he does it around the world. 

He owns Kindness House in Fitzroy, Sidney, Australia where two thirds of the tenants do not pay rent. They only pay their phone bill; rent and internet are free. 

Working away from the public gaze, his passion is for improving the world and the lives of others. His mission statement is aspiring: “to promote kindness towards all other living beings and enshrine it as a recognisable trait in the Australian character and consciousness.”

When a 104 year old Chinese woman, a resident of Melbourne, was struggling to receive a visa that would allow her access to medical benefits, he offered to pay all her bills. 

Following the tsunami in the Indian Ocean, he redirected money he was going to spend for a new roof for a building and gave it to help the victims instead. 

In an interview by Katherine Kizilos, he was asked if he is happier than he used to be before he decided to give his away money. He said: “Yes. ‘Happy’ is an odd word. I feel a sense of joy in every second of every day, because I know how precious and fleeting every second of life is. We deprive others of their lives at our own moral peril.”

One project involves acquiring sloth bears from India’s Kalander people. They have traditionally made a living by making the animals “dance”. 

Wollen explains: “They kill the mother and they drive a hot poker through the nose of the cub and they put a piece of glass in there.” The bears are always in pain and “dance” when a cord is pulled. In exchange for their bears, the Kalanders are offered a small-business opportunity — a rickshaw, say, or a fruit and vegetable shop. With a business, the Kalanders are able to settle and their children can go to school (the Wollens hope to fund a program that promises to pay dowries for the daughters if they stay at school until they are 18, as a way of delaying early teenage marriages among them).

Through the scheme, 500 bears have been given their freedom in a sanctuary. On a recent visit, the Wollens were amazed when two rescued bears that had received medical treatment clambered onto the back of a truck to join them.  

He supports more than 400 projects in 40 countries and says his aim is to die broke. What would you do with millions? 

We will soon begin our capital campaign for the next three years. What will you do with what you have? 

Rev. Larry B. Metzger


FCC Youth Wednesday Nights
Dinner at 6 pm and discussion time
will start at 6:30 pm.
See Sunday night at 5:00 pm!



Monthly Giving Summary
for MARCH 2019*

Total Deposits for All of March……$48,774.04
We had 21 separate funds for deposit in March
General Fund plus Account 107……$28,801.13 equals 74% of Proposed Budget for 2019.
The Capital Fund Mortgage Payment due every month is $10,850.00.
Capital Fund Donations in March……$11,285.58 ($435.58 above March Mortgage Payment due).
Note: An automatic 10% comes out of the General Fund (Current Expenses) for World Outreach or Missions. Also, an automatic 1.5% comes out of the General Fund for Building Repair each month.
Giving to Account 107 all goes to the General Fund with NO automatic deductions.
John D. Northcutt
Contributions and Financial Coordinator

 *This monthly giving summary will be printed in the weekly newsletter showing the previous month’s figures. If you have any questions, please contact John Northcutt.  Thank you 



SUNDAY, MAY 5 AT 7:00 pm


FCC Missions Golf Tournament Success!

A very special note of thanks to those who provided their time, talents and financial support to make our Missions Golf Tournament a major success.  We enjoyed a great morning of golf this past Saturday at the much improved Choctaw Creek Golf Course followed by a very tasty Pulled Pork BBQ luncheon prepared and served by Beverly Rubino and church youth.

Thanks to the generosity of our Sunday School classes and individual church members providing  numerous donations and hole sponsorships, we raised more than $2000 which will be appropriated to this summer’s Youth Mission trip and to multiple Outreach Ministries including Christmas For Others and local Food Programs to help those in need.

We absolutely couldn’t do this without you, so once again, 
our very sincere thanks for your support.

Brett Moler and Mark Reid


From the Worship Department

Memorial Day is coming up this month. We want to remember all of those that were dear to us that have passed in the last year. If there is someone you would like for us to remember, please let the office or myself know.

Thank you
Chris Miller – Worship Department


Take a step toward staying Healthy & Active
Life Line Screening is coming!

Where: FCC MWC
Sponsored by: Norman Regional Health System
When: Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Pre-registration is required.
Call: 1-888-653-6450

To register for your appointment and to receive a special $10 discount, please call 1-888-653-6450 or visit
Package 1: Plaque, Vascular Disease (2) & Heart Rhythm Screening  4 tests for only $139*

Package 2: Add Osteoporosis Screening for only $10 more 5 tests for only $149*
*Costs are not covered or reimbursed by Medicare. Life Line Screening does not file insurance claims or provide physician/hospital referrals.


Search name: 
First Christian Church MWC

Search name: 
FCC Midwest City

Search name: 

First Christian Church

(Disciples of Christ)

11950 E Reno Ave

Midwest City OK 73130


Interim Pastor:

Rev. Larry Metzger

Sunday Worship Times:

8:30 & 10:45 am 

Monday – Thursday:

9 am – 4 pm

9 am – Noon

Disciples Around
The Web

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Flowers for Sunday, May 5
Are given by Billye Nipper and Roxanne Austin
In memory of Eunice Riley


To the Memorial Fund:
    In memory of Gwen Bowman from Lyle & Lillian Fry
    In memory of Gwen Bowman from Bill & Nancy Graham
    In memory of Gwen Bowman from Carol Hamilton
    In memory of Kenny Stanfill from Carol Hamilton
    In memory of Bobbie Ann Munford from Carol Hamilton
    In memory of Kenny Stanfill from Jim & Connie Sharp    

To the Current Expenses:
    In memory of Gwen Bowman from David & Vicki Richey


Servants Scheduled
to Serve
 May 5, 2019 

8:30 am 

Elder:Tom Hill
Serving Deacons:
Vicki Richey*
Carroll Hancock
Martin Davis

10:45 am

Roger Camp
Pat Wiseman

Serving Deacons:
Mona Lange*
Chris Lange
Jude Lees
John Northcutt
Jr.-Colby Williams
Jr.-Marshall Mason

Cooper Davis
Lauren Bowman



10:00 CWF Group II
1:00 CWF Group I
6:00 Youth
6:30 Adult Bible Study
7:30 Chancel Choir Rehearsal
9:00 Children’s Corner

8:30 & 10:45 Worship Service
9:45 Sunday School
12:00 Golf Meeting
4:00 Cabinet Meeting
5:00 Youth
5:30 Elders Meeting
7:00 Board Meeting

9:00 Mobile Meals
9:00 Children’s Corner

9am-4pm Life Line Screening (JCAC)
9:15 CWF Service Day
6:00 Youth
6:30 Adult Bible Study
7:30 Chancel Choir Rehearsal



*Senior Minister Search Committee
*Youth Minister Search Committee

*Don Martin
   (Lori Spradley’s dad at Midwest Alliance)
*Friends & Family of Gwen Bowman
*Family & Friends of Kenny Stanfill (Charlie’s brother)
*Jim Wylie
*Julia Wingate 
Tom Henthorn (Albee)
Graysen Waddle (Miller)
Kathryn Jordan (Julia Jordan Gillett’s mother)
Anita Oliver
Steve Oliver’s mother, Laura
LaDonna Johnson (David Johnson’s daughter)
Donna Brubaker
Melissa Richey (David & Vicki Richey)
Eric Bates (Bryan Spradley’s cousin)
Sandra Lees
Brian Lloyd
Lenora Greffin
Millie Sawyer
Kristyn Reid
Tanni Jamison
Ann Reynolds and family (Millie Sawyer)
Michael Neihoff
Jennifer Fulton (Lewis)
John Booth (McKinney)
Jim Brooks (Debbie Lloyd’s father)
Debbie Broome (Phillips)
Annis Hickman Miller (Judy Gambill’s niece)
Amy Loudermilk (coworker of Scott Lange)
Jimmy Lonsdale (coworker of Scott Lange)
Stephanie Rosillo (Keller)
Danielle Rose (Lloyd)
Jerry Calcote (Robbie McGruder’s brother)
Scott & Crystal Wyatt (Gamblin)
Rosa Stock (M Holt)
Parker Family (Walters)
Rod & Cathy Lees (Lees)
Scott McCulloh (Reid)
Richard (Jenks)
Debbie Atkinson (Williams)
Randall Burnett (Gambill)
Susannah Smith (Lees granddaughter)
Misti Leeper (Jamison)
Coleen Crow (Lange)

*Notes new addition
Congregation Long-Term Prayer List and/or Shut-ins:  

Nellis Adams, Lola Jean Ashford, Julie Avants, Barbara Benge, Katy Benge, Ashley Dean, Al & Virginia Douthitt, Ken Foust, Zola Lee Gaylor, Dona Harris, Dorothy Keller, Lloyd Family, Betty Martin, Dr. Gifford McBride, Bill & Robbie McGruder, Mary Nirschl, Bertha Owen, Cole Padgham, Harold Powers, Vicki Richey, Lane Ross, Margaret Scears, Ray & Joyce Shirley, Shirley Tharp, Chris & Jacklena Whitlow, Barbara Wilson, Julia Wingate.
Family/Friends Long Term Prayer List: 

Lori Bonnewell (Bonnewell), Lisa Coffman (Stanfill), Adrienne DiCarlo (Northcutt), Clifford Gamblin (Gamblin), Leo Hickman (Gambill), Betsy Hormel (Wakely), Sam Howard (Howard), Jim Johnson (Greffin), Amber Leamy (Niehoff), Evelyn & Norman Lees (Lees), Don Martin (Spradley), Mozelle McKinney (McKinney), Cathy Miller (Reid),  Michael Niehoff (Niehoff), Jo Schroeder (Hall), Kyndra Slechta (Brubaker), Judy Soltis (Lewis), Joel & Jeff Staggs (Walters), Michael & Debbie Stevens (McGruder), Donald Tennison (Farriester), Alton Ray Tidwell (Niehoff), DeAnne Upchurch (Moler), Sharon Verity (Niehoff), Orpha Wardlaw (Pettigrew), Ronnie Watson (Howell), Lucille Williams (N Williams), Cindy Winkle (Fennell)