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First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)
11950 East Reno Midwest City, OK 73130

A Word From Mike…

Romans 13.1-2     Let every person be subject to the governing authorities; for there is no authority except from God, and those authorities that exist have been instituted by God. 2Therefore whoever resists authority resists what God has appointed, and those who resist will incur judgment.

This passage of Romans is a small sample from the broader text, which I used for my Sunday’s sermon. I have had more questions/comments about elections, government issues and what I might preach on, in the past two years than in any two I can remember. The last presidential election certainly was polarizing and the current administration seems to have a continued stirring impact on our nation.

While I tire of arguing and extreme “news” accounts, maybe something good can from all of this activity. Maybe more people will be invested, study issues and vote in 2020.

Such a good result, is a part of my prayer. Another prayer is that Christians would go against the tide of extreme mud-slinging and instead be a people of prayer and love. In reading the full scope of Romans 13, we are reminded that love is the fulfillment of the ultimate authority, God’s law. We may not always like or agree with our government officials, but we are called to love them all the same. We are called to pray for good for those officials, not evil. When we as Christians speak or promote otherwise, there is only one thing it can be called, sin.

You and I are challenged to place our attitudes, our comments, even our approach in the voting booth before the cross. I believe in the separation of church and state, but do not believe I can separate faith from self.

Scripture gives us the story of Daniel (Ch6) and Peter & John challenged by the Law of the Sanhedrin.  Examples of balancing human law and God’s law. Much to learn from and a reminder that when we are faithful, God will provide.

Thanks for sharing the journey,


FCC Youth

Wednesday Evening, August 15th, Youth Group will meet. Dinner is at 6 pm and the lesson will start at 6:30.

Sunday Morning, August 19th, remember to bring your bears to church. We will pray blessings over them and prepare them to be donated. Sunday Evening we will meet from 5-6:30 in the JCAC for a discussion and a fun activity.


Muffins for Mission
Sunday, August 19 at 9:30 am
Proceeds benefit
Outreach Ministries of FCC MWC

Worship Department Meeting
Sunday, August 26 at 4 pm
In the Library

THANK YOU to everyone who took the time to purchase and bring supplies to the church for our annual school supply drive. Your donations will help many children!

Mitsy Martin Davis and the Outreach Committee

Ken Peeler
Wellington Parke
3107 Tinker Diagonal, Rm A2
Del City, OK 73115

Shirley Tharp
Fountain Brook
11510 SE 15th St, Rm 109
Midwest City, OK 73130

CWF September Luncheon

Wednesday, September 12th

11:00 am

CWF will be hosting a speaker from the organization

“Tenaciously Teal”.

Our CWF groups have been supplying this cancer support group with needed items for their patients this past year.  Come hear about this wonderful organization.  Lunch is provided at no charge, but we do ask that you call the church office 769-2717, to let us know you’ll be joining us so that we’ll have a place setting for you.

A Secret Place

Daily devotional books for September/October/November
are now available in the Narthex.

Mid Year Giving Statements are available in the Narthex. Please help save on postage by picking yours up today.

John Northcutt
Financial Coordinator

Veterans and Spouses of Veterans Benefits Review

Wednesdays at 9 am

Please remember to bring your DD-214 Form.

First Christian Church
of Midwest City

Invites you to save the date for our
75th Anniversary Celebration

October 14, 2018

Watch for more details soon!

First Christian Church
(Disciples of Christ)
11950 E Reno Ave
Midwest City, OK 73130

Senior Minister:
Rev. Mike Snell

Sunday Worship Times:
8:30 & 10:45 am

Monday – Thursday:
9 – 4 pm

9 – Noon

Flowers for Sunday, August 19th

are given by Maxine Wheelan
in memory of her husband, Don Wheelan


Scheduled to Serve


SUNDAY, August 19, 2018 

8:30 AM

Marty Howard
Sharon Lewis

Serving Deacons:
Margaret English
Joe Greffin
Jr.-Aidan Burk
Jr.-Reagan Cook

10:45 AM

David Brubaker
Wendy Walters

Serving Deacons:
Melissa Davis
Denise Jenks
Steve Oliver
Jr.-Logan Davis
Jr.-Luci Davis
Jr.-Hannah Oliver

William Bowman
Ella Updegraff



WEDNESDAY, August 15
9:00 VA Benefit Reviews
6:00 Youth

THURSDAY, August 16
9:00 Children’s Corner Resumes

SUNDAY, August 19
8:30 & 10:45 Worship
9:45 Sunday School
5:00 Youth

MONDAY, August 20
9:00 Mobile Meals

TUESDAY, August 21
9:00 Children’s Corner

WEDNESDAY, August 22
9:00 VA Benefit Reviews
9:30 CWF Executive Day
6:00 Youth
6:30 Adult Bible Study Resumes


*Donna Brubaker
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*Julia Wingate (The Fountains – Rehab)
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Helen Van Gosen
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Amy Loudermilk (coworker of Scott Lange)
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Perry Mercier (Corbin Choate’s step father)
Randall Burnett (Gambill)
Susannah Smith (Lees granddaughter)
Wanda Rickard (Moler)
Misti Leeper (Jamison)
Coleen Crow (Lange)

*Notes a new addition

Congregation Long-Term Prayer List and/or Shut-ins:  

Nellis & Dottie Adams, Lola Jean Ashford, Julie Avants, Barbara Benge, Katy Benge, Arlene Burkhalter, Ashley Dean, Al & Virginia Douthitt, Ken Foust, Lyle & Lillian Fry, Zola Lee Gaylor, Dona Harris, Dorothy Keller, Lisa Larkin, Betty Martin, Dr. Gifford McBride, Bill & Robbie McGruder, Mary Nirchl, Anita Oliver, Grace Oliver, Bertha Owen, Cole Padgham, Ken Peeler, Harold & Anna Ruth Powers, Vicki Richey, Lane Ross, Margaret Scears, Oliver Ray & Joyce Shirley, Shirley Tharp, Jacklena Whitlow, Barbara Wilson, Julia Wingate.

Family/Friends Long Term Prayer List: 

Josh Benge (deployed), Lisa Coffman (Stanfill), Adrienne DiCarlo (Northcutt), Clifford Gamblin (Gamblin), Dan  Hayes (Moler), Leo Hickman (Gambill), Betsy Hormel (Wakely), Sam Howard (Howard), Paul Johanning (Moler), Jim Johnson (Greffin), Patty Mallory (Miller), Don Martin (Spradley), Mozelle McKinney (McKinney), Cathy Miller (Reid),  Evelyn & Norman Lees (Lees), Susan Saxton (Davis), Jo Schroeder (Hall), Kyndra Slechta (Brubaker), Joel & Jeff Staggs (Walters), Michael & Debbie Stevens (McGruder), Beverly Storch (S Updegraff), Donald Tennison (Farriester), Alton Ray Tidwell (Niehoff), DeAnne Upchurch (Moler), Sharon Verity (Niehoff), Melanie Voice & family (Davis), Ronnie Watson (Howell), Lucille Williams (N Williams), Cindy Winkle (Fennell)