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Midwest City Christian

First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)
11950 East Reno Midwest City, OK 73130

A Word From Mike…

John 17.20-23      ‘I ask not only on behalf of these, but also on behalf of those who will believe in me through their word, 21that they may all be one. As you, Father, are in me and I am in you, may they also be in us,* so that the world may believe that you have sent me.22The glory that you have given me I have given them, so that they may be one, as we are one, 23I in them and you in me, that they may become completely one, so that the world may know that you have sent me and have loved them even as you have loved me.

John’s simple words, are repetitive, and can be difficult to read.  A Bible basic we know is that humankind is called into unity and not elitism.  We know that we are called to value the breath of one another and not think of others as above or as below us.  Based on our actions, living that simple message appears to be difficult.

July 8-12 Disciples will gather in Indianapolis under the theme of “ONE” and the passage above from John.  Clergy and laity will gather for those days to worship, see old friends, receive educational opportunities and to continue to seek God’s vision for the future of our denomination.  I ask that you pray for our denomination in these weeks leading up to General Assembly.  I ask that you might pray for our leaders and that the General Assembly might be led by a moving of the Spirit.

Historically we appear to be at a paradigm shift.  While our purpose as a church is clear, I think the structure of our denomination is in need of renewal.  This is a scary thought for someone like me who has such a passionate love for the nature of our denomination.  Still, local churches often feel like the regional and general church is out of touch with local church needs.  Regional church staff work long hours, are undervalued and underpaid.  The General and Regional structure try to find ways to give support and dialogue.  This is a difficult task with the many miles that separate us, the various sizes of our churches and the diversity of individuals.

ONE.  Throughout history, throughout the Old and New Testament, there continues to be a call for unity, peace, love and value.  Let us intentionally be agents for that kind of presence in making God’s kingdom come, tangible in this world.

Thanks for sharing the journey,

FCC Youth

On Wednesday Evening, June 21st  , The Youth will be having their first day of summer lock-in. Please make sure to arrive at 6 p.m. to partake in all of the fun activities for the night. The scheduled pick-up time will be 9 a.m. Thursday morning. However, if you need to pick your student up before then due to work schedules, you can contact Dustin, and we will get something figured out.

On Sunday Evening, June 25th ,  The Youth will be starting a new four week series called, “Summer Days” and will have a fun activity.

Youth Sunday:

Youth Sunday was a big success. I just wanted to send out a note to let the students know of how much I admired the way that they lead our congregation in worship. It is always a joy to see young students seeking out the Lord, and I am just thankful that I get to watch the ways that He teaches them and helps them grow!

Mission Trip Price:

The price for the mission trip to Kansas City with YouthWorks will be $50 per student.


Please remember to pray for our students attending
Jr. Camp this week!

Aidan Burke & Addison Davis

Summer is a great time to get involved in our group!

If you know anyone who might be interested in joining us,
please give me a call! I would love to reach out to them!
-Dustin  918.637.4407


Maymie Elizabeth Taylor Philips

Meet at Real Rosie the Riveter

Mayme Elizabeth Taylor Philips was born June 15 in Albuquerque, NM. Her dad was a teacher in a one room school near Cuba, NM, but during the summer months, they lived in Albuquerque while he attended NM

They moved to several locations in NM so Dad could teach in Indian Villages. The family finally settled in Anadarko where her dad was the Education Field Agent for the Bureau of Indian Affairs in SW Oklahoma. One day there was a young man at Anadarko High School who noticed a pretty red headed girl with freckles sitting in the bleachers. His name was Eli Philips. After making sure (through a friend) that she was a respectable young lady, the rest is history!

They married in 1942 just after WWII broke out. Eli enlisted in the Army and was sent to Texas for basic training. While stationed in FT. Worth during WWII , Mayme was employed at Consolidated Vultee Airplane Industry known as the Bomber Plant. It is now known as Carswell AFB. There, she earned the title Rosie the Riveter helping to build B24’s and Vultee fighters.

After the war, they moved to OKC where Eli worked on Film Row. Eli played polo and at age 16 was the youngest registered  player in the United States. His work career was varied during those early marriage years, but the couple settled in MWC where Eli became an engineer for a lumber company that built homes. Mayme remembers their first car cost $75.00 and their first home was purchased for $2,500.00. The payments were $30.00 per month! By this time, their family had increased to 5 ( 3 beautiful daughters). Eli then started building homes and became an appraiser for FHA and VA, banks and mortgage companies. Karen Holt typed Eli’s appraisals for several years. They built their present home in 1962.

While in high school, Eli formed a dance band with his dad. They played for the American Legion, Rotary and local parties. Mayme and Eli also danced all over Oklahoma from Lawton to Perry and even into Colorado and Turkey, Texas  for Bob Wills Day.

On Easter Sunday, Mayme joined the Christian Church at the age of 12 and has continued her membership in the denomination all these years. She has served as Worship Chairperson and Deaconess Preparer on several occasions. When Jane Coy and the Catholic Church women started the Mobile Meals program, Mayme was there to help. They baked desserts (usually cakes or pies) the night before and then cooked and delivered meals the following morning.

In 1978, Eli had a massive heart attack and was in the hospital for 6 weeks. Mayme had been quilting for several years and sat by his bedside for hours sewing quilt pieces. For the next 30 years, she made and hand quilted 35 quilts. She is a former member of the Central Oklahoma Quilters Guild.

She dearly loves her church and church family. She remains active in CWF, Sunday School and church service.

FCC Picnic / All Church Birthday Celebration!

When: This Sunday, June 25, immediately following the second worship service

Where: JCAC

Fried chicken, drinks and birthday cake for dessert will be provided!

Please sign up in the Narthex to bring a covered side dish. We will not need desserts, as it will be provided.

We will be having a “Favorite Hymn” sing-along following the meal. Please list your favorite hymn when you sign up.

Come, eat, sing and enjoy the fellowship!

57 Children were enrolled in VBS
Our average daily attendance was 50!

Thank You to everyone who
helped make it a great VBS! Beverly Bonnewell
Sarah Bonnewell
Olivia Burgos
Rosie Burgos
Fern Burling
Becky Choate
Trisha Christensen
Luci Davis
Logan Davis
Melissa Davis
Ashley Dean
Jennifer Gallaway
Carol Hamilton
Deny Harris
Linda Harris
Susie Howard
Sandy Lees
Christi Miller
Matt Moler
Grace Oliver
Hannah Oliver
Dustin Parish
Kristyn Reid
Beverly Rubino
Madison Rubino
Shelby Rubino
Becky Searcy
Lori Spradley
Molly Updegraff
Zachary Walters
Wendy Walters
Pat Wiseman

A Conservation Note for all

FCC Department Leaders & Teachers

Please help to conserve
energy by remembering to
turn off the lights and set the thermostats to 75 when
finished with the room.

Thank you!
Property Department

We are out of the Summer 2017 Secret Place devotional books and have a couple of members who would like to have one. If anyone has extra copies at home that you could share, please bring to the church. We will make sure those members receive it. Thank you!

T I M B E R !!!

The tree removal has been rescheduled to
June 28th.

The sycamore tree at the corner of the sidewalks leading to the kitchen and the Garden Shed will be removed by a certified Arborist.

For safety reasons, we ask that everyone visiting the church on this day, please use the Anderson entrance parking lot.
Cindy Schaefer for any questions.

Opportunity For Our
Church Veterans & Veterans Spouses

9-11 AM

Please contact the church office at 769-2717.
Be sure to bring your
DD-214 form

Gardening that is!
Join the G-Team…

Got tasks from light to difficult to
keep our grounds looking good
and costs at bay!

Every Thursday 7-10 am.

Can’t make it?
Contact Cindy Schaefer
to complete a project when
your time permits!

Sometime in the past few weeks, ten of the twelve books from New Interpreter’s Bible Commentary have been removed.  Normally this set is kept in the church resource room (Keller/Faith Matter’s Class).

If anyone knows details about where those ten volumes might be, please contact the church office.


Please submit newsletter announcements
to the church office no later than
noon on Fridays.
Thank you very much! 

First Christian Church MWC
(Disciples of Christ)
11950 E Reno Ave
Midwest City, OK  73130

Sunday Worship Times:
8:30 & 10:45 AM

9:00 – 4:00 pm

9:00 – Noon


Flowers for Sunday, June 25th are given by Marty Howard
In memory of her Mother, Lois E. (Thomas) Rodgers


To the Memorial Fund – 
In memory of Dan Bonnewell from Carl & Sandy Harley
In memory of Eugene Mellinger from  Judy Travis, Trustee

Scheduled to Serve

SUNDAY, June 25, 2017

8:30 AM


Elyse Davis
David Tiller

Serving Deacons:
Beverly Albee
Ertel Hall
Joni Tiller
Spenser Oliver

10:45 AM

Roger Camp
Brett Moler

Serving Deacons:
Barbara Brewer
Larry McKinney
Dona Stanfill
Charlie Stanfill
Donna Brubaker
Reagan Cook

William Bowman
Ella Updegraff


SOAR-Bus to Eddie Warrior CC
9:00 VA Disability Benefits Review
6:30 Adult Bible Study

9:00 Children’s Corner

SUNDAY, June 25
8:30 & 10:45 Worship Service
9:45 Sunday  School
5:00 Youth Group

MONDAY, June 26
8:00 Mobile Meals

TUESDAY, June 27
9:00 Children’s Corner

9:00 VA Disability Benefits Review
9:30 CWF Executive Day
6:00 Youth Group


*Family & Friends of John Howell, Sr.
*Doyle Williams (Nancy William’s father)
*Sharon Delyria (Roxanne Austin)
*Angie Reeves (Anita Oliver)
*Grace Oliver
Imogene Nikkel
Ken Peeler
Shirley Niehoff
Mike Snell
Christi Crowder (Marty Howard’s cousin)
Debra Meade (Pat Wiseman’s sister)
Katy Benge (Mark’s mother)
Donna Brubaker
Betty Martin
Anita Oliver
Anna Ruth Powers
Harold Powers
Susannah Smith (Jude & Sandy Lees granddaughter)
Virginia Douthitt
Gwen Bowman
Beverly McKinney
Wanda Rickard (Brett Moler)
Al Douthitt (Virginia’s Husband)
Amanda Ross (Brubaker)
Ezra Mann Family
Zola Lee Gaylor
Mary Nirschl
Julie Luman (Moler)
John Northcutt
Michael & Debbie Stevens (McGruder)
Brailee Tennison (Virginia Douthitt)
Melanie Voice & Family (Elyse Davis)
Misti Leeper (Jamison)
Lisa Coffman (Stanfill’s daughter)
Dale Acker
Coleen Crow (Lange)
Deane Upchurch (Moler)
Jacklena Whitlow

*Notes a new addition

Congregation Long-Term Prayer List and/or Shut-ins:  

Nellis & Dottie Adams, Lola Jean Ashford, Arlene Burkhalter, Guy Burkhart, Betty Davis, Ken Foust, Gene & Janyce Harkins, Dona Harris, Leo & Annie Hill, Nick Kennedy, Scott McKinney, Bill & Robbie McGruder, Mary Nirschl, Bertha Owen, Cole Padgham, Ken Peeler, Harold & Anna Ruth Powers, Nadine Richardson, Lane Ross, Oliver Ray & Joyce Shirley,  Shirley Tharp, Mickey Tyo, Julia Wingate, and Doris Wokaty

Family/Friends Long Term Prayer List:

Kelly Cox (Camp), Mitchell Deaton (Deaton), Sharon Delyria (Austin), Adrienne DiCarlo (Northcutt), Dan Hayes (Moler), Leo Hickman (Gambill), Betsy Hormel (Wakely), Sam Howard (Howard), Esther & Kaylee Ingersoll (McMahan & Miller), Paul Johanning (Moler), Jim Johnson (Greffin), Don Martin (Spradley), Cathy Miller (Reid), Evelyn & Norman Lees (Lees), Cindy Proctor (Updegraff), Judy Raines (Gambill), Daniel Rubino (Rubino), Susan Saxton (Melissa Davis), Jo Schroeder (Pam & Ertel Hall), Kyndra Slechta (Brubaker), Beverly Storch (Updegraff), Juanita Taylor (Updegraff), Donald Tennison (Farriester), Alton Ray Tidwell (Niehoff), Sharon Verity (Niehoff), Peggy Vorel (Sean Dean’s Grandmother)