To see a video of our choir and preaching click here:  Worship Video

We are a mid-sized congregation with an average worship attendance of approximately 175.  We are blessed with a diverse age range.

Each service begins with a guitar led praise and worship song.  Then there is a piece of “traditional” instrumental music to transition and prepare for our worship service. Music for the rest of the service is traditional and sung from the Chalice Hymnal.  We are blessed with quality music leadership.

Members in our church, called lay people, play an important role in our worship service.  Each service incorporates the talents of leadership from our lay people in prayer and reflection.   Jeans and other appropriate casual wear are welcome in our sanctuary.

Rev. Snell is an outline preacher, with a casual preaching style.  He typically preaches from the floor in the center of the sanctuary.  His theology is not conservative and it is not liberal, the sermon foundation is based on digging into the scriptures.

The most important part of every worship service is the time of communion.  We take communion every week, symbolically receiving the bread and the cup, in remembrance of Christ.