Weekly Newsletter 11.18.2020

First Christian Church of Midwest City
(Disciples of Christ)
11950 East Reno Ave
Midwest City, OK 73130

A Pastor’s Perspective
It is good to be back!  Last week, I took some vacation time, including the past two Sundays.  A special thanks to all who filled in in my absence.  While the time didn’t turn out quite as I’d planned, it was good to have time away. Thanks!
Thanks to all of you for the cards and to the CWF for their card and gift for minister appreciation month!
Thanks also to the awesome group that showed up last Saturday to take care of the broken branches from the ice storm!
SCAM ALERT!  – I heard of one of our members who received an email claiming they owed money for a service that they were already paying through their Cox bill.  It looked legit, so they called the number, where the person asked for banking information and demanded that they meet them in our local Sam’s Club parking lot to pay by credit card.  Luckily, this person felt it was a scam and didn’t go to the Sam’s parking lot. Instead, they called the police.  A reminder for us all to never give out our personal and financial information to unknown sources and to never meet someone in a parking lot to make a payment for services like this!  Be safe out there!
COVID-19 numbers continue to climb in our state and our medical system is becoming stressed.  Our school systems are returning to online learning due to the virus.   I’ve asked Brett Moler, our board chair, to schedule a meeting for our pandemic response group to evaluate our current status and to provide direction on continuing in-person services or moving back to online only.  My hope is to be as safe as possible as we continue to worship in this faith community. 
As we approach the holidays, please take extra precautions to prevent the spread of the virus, even if that means experiencing them in much different ways.  The best prevention we have at this time is to wear a mask, social distance, wash our hands frequently, not touch our faces, and avoid large gatherings. 





The youth will be having our regular meeting in the JCAC from 6 to 8 PM on Wednesday evening. We will be finishing up some service projects for Christmas for others & having some fun at dinner. The youth will also be doing our annual Christmas for others toy shopping trip this Sunday afternoon.
As we approach the holiday season, these preparations help the kids focus on the gift of giving. They always enjoy their shopping trips for the families who are Participating in Christmas for others & are so excited to have a role in this ministry. 
I hope the cooler temperatures help you to get into the holiday spirit as well. 2020 has been a difficult year for all of us. I think remembering to be grateful for what we have, and share it with others, can truly redirect our attention to all of the gifts God has provided.
May this be a week filled with joy and hope!
In Christian love and prayers,
Shauna Becker




Ye watchers and ye holy ones,
Bright seraphs cherubim, and thrones
Raise the glad strain, Alleluia!
Cry out, dominions, princedoms, powers,
Virtues, archangels, angels’ choirs: Alleluia!

John Athelstan Riley (1858-1945) lived a long and well-traveled life. A native of London with an education at Eton and Pembroke College, Cambridge, his traveled to Middle Eastern countries including Persia, Turkey and Kurdistan to study the worship of the Eastern Orthodox Christian churches. Those experiences influenced his scholarship and our hymn, which the choir presents in anthem form this Sunday.

Following a pattern seen in other early hymns such as “Of the Father’s Love Begotten,” the witness of heavenly beings spreads to Earth via the Incarnation—“Thou Bearer of the eternal Word” (stanza two). The response on Earth resounds in stanza three with the affirmation of “Patriarchs and Prophets” and the “Holy Twelve” and “Martyrs strong” who are joined by “All Saints triumphant.” The final doxological stanza concludes with an affirmation of the Trinity as the cosmos joins in a glad song of “supernal anthems.”

Hymnologists have suggested that the hymn is the sonic equivalent of a Renaissance painting where “the eye can think of the orders of the angels and saints, rank upon rank.” Raphael’s “The Crowning of the Virgin” (1502-1503) displays the connection between the sonic and visual symbolism of heaven and earth. Undoubtedly, Riley was influenced by his study of Greek liturgy and the Theotokion, “Hymn to the Mother of God.”

The hymn was first matched to the tune LASST UNS ERFREUEN (“Let us rejoice”), a German tune from the 17th century, by Ralph Vaughan Williams for the English Hymnal (1906). For over 100 years, this pairing of text and tune, as well as Vaughan Williams’ arrangement, has been standard for many hymnals.

With Grace and Peas (and turkey!),
Mark Johnson
Edited and adapted – with thanks to my colleague, Dr. Michael Hawn, professor of sacred music at Perkins School of Theology, SMU.



Remember!  Black Friday is just around the corner on November 27. This is a great opportunity for First Christian Church to increase AmazonSmile donations by shopping on Amazon at smile.amazon.com. 


CFO only 3 Saturdays away!
Here are opportunities to help NOW…

Christmas for Others specific needs sign up is live in MyFCC. Due to COVID-19 there is no paper sign up this year. You must have an active email address to access the list. If you need help finding it, or help updating your email address, please call the church office 769-2717.
Time for Family Visits!
Each CFO family will receive a Porch Visit and a new Bible. The Family Visitation Forms are in church office, along with the Bibles. If you would like to make a couple of visits, please stop by the church office and pick up the necessary information.
CFO TOY SHOPPING: Sunday, November 22nd. We will be shopping this Sunday following worship service. To reduce our group size (thanks to covid) we will be shopping in shifts. Shauna Becker will organize the youth shoppers and Mitsy Martin Davis will organize the adults. If you would like to shop, please call the church office and we will get your name and number to either Mitsy or Shauna. You can also shop by yourself at your own convenience. Please call the church office for a needs list. Be sure to turn in your receipts to the church office to be reimbursed.
We are still taking monetary donations.
If you feel called to donate to this ministry now is the time.
Please pray for these families as they are identified to us. Work will begin soon to visit the families to understand how we can best serve them.
Get ready! God is working!
Outreach is very appreciative of your support!

Hanging of the Green
Sunday, November 22nd

The Worship Department will be here at 1:00 pm to prepare the sanctuary for the Christmas season. Everyone is welcome to come help. It would be very much appreciated! 



Sunday, November 29th is the first Sunday of Advent. Kristyn Reid and the Worship Department have prepared a fun children’s activity book to guide them through Advent to Christmas Day. It’s a great resource to talk with your child about the events leading to the birth of Christ. These are available in the narthex.
Grab one for each child in your home! 


Save The Date
“Candles and Carols”

Join us in person and via live stream for Cantata Sunday, 10:00 a.m. on December 27th. The service will feature beautiful music of the season, as well as meditative reflections and scripture readings — all presented by members of our Chancel Choir.  


Welcome Sweet Baby Girl!

Chloe Jean Givens

Born: November 15, 2020
Time: 10:51 am
Weight: 6 lbs. 13 oz.
Length: 19 3/4″ long

Proud Parents are Malik & Kathryn Givens and n even prouder Grandparent is Julie Avants aka ‘Juju”

The Givens family is active duty Army
at Fort Hood, TX


 MyFCC Emergency Contact Information:

It would be very helpful to staff, if everyone would add a relative, friend or neighbor to their profile on MyFCC under Notes & Messages. I would be happy to do that for you. Please call the office at 769-2717 or email the information to [email protected]. Married Couples: Your emergency contact will only be called if your spouse cannot be reached. Thank you for helping us, help you!


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Thanks to all of you for your understanding last Sunday. Although having an on screen sermon isn’t my favorite way to deliver Gods message, I’m so grateful that we have the capability to do so. I look forward to returning to Worship Services in person next week & I know we are all excited to have Gary back!  – Shauna


The Mark Johnson Family would like to thank the CWF for the beautiful card and gift enclosed for us. 2020 has been a particularly difficult year for those in the ‘gig’ economy – and especially hard on theater and performing people (us). But the steadfast financial and spiritual support from FCC has truly made a difference for us this year and we are most grateful.
With our most sincere appreciation.

Mark, Molly, Sarah and Emily-Marie Johnson


In Person Sunday Worship
Service at 10:00 AM 

* Temperatures will be taken at the entrance
* Masks are required at all times inside the building
* Social distancing will be observed

Drive In Communion at 11:30 AM


All other church activities are suspended until further notice. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or needs. 
Church Office: 769-2717
email: [email protected]

Rev. Gary Mitchell cell: 245-8678
email: [email protected]
For Youth related events
Shauna Becker cell: 820-3178
email: [email protected]
For Choir related events
Mark Johnson cell: 903-312-3827
email: [email protected] 


Please contact the church office with new prayer concerns and with updates on those who are listed.Thank you!


*Family & Friends of Jean Catlett (Jo Pettigrew’s cousin); *Family & Friends of Gregorio Castro Gallegos (Micaela’s nephew); *Nancy Hall, OU Medical; *Connie Sharp; *Wanda Williams; *Trevor Lewis (Sharon Lewis’s son); *Bob Sanderson, Sienna Rehab; Lane Ross; Family & Friends of Chris Huskey (Marilyn Aaron’s nephew); Jim Graves (Moler); Jamie Benge; Anita Oliver; Hanna Hughgater (Oliver); Ann Simon (Lange); Darryl Rowton (John Northcutt’s nephew); Kathleen Miller (Judy Gambill’s niece); Chris Cornelius (Cornelius); Megan White (Suffridge)   

Congregation Long-Term Prayer List:
Nellis Adams; Julie Avants; Barbara Benge; Katie Benge; David & Donna Brubaker; Ashley Dean; Gene Gilbert; Katy Givens; Lenora Greffin; Nancy Hall; Karen Holland; Tom & Tanni Jamison; Lloyd Kitchell; Lori Lange; Lange Families; Richard Layman; Sandra Lees; Lloyd family; Becky Long; Faye Miller; Shirley Niehoff; Rev. Lee & Mary Nirschl; George Pettigrew; Kristyn Reid; Vicki Richey; Lane Ross; Millie Sawyer; Connie Sharp; Nancy Williams; Wanda Williams; Jim Wylie
Shut-Ins Prayer List:  Lola Jean Ashford; Virginia Douthitt; Ken Foust; Dona Harris;  Dr. Gifford McBride; Bill & Robbie McGruder; Bertha Owen; Cole Padgham; Harold Powers; Margaret Scears; Ray & Joyce Shirley; Shirley Tharp; Renata Thomas; Barbara Wilson
Family/Friends Long Term Prayer List:
Tom Acree (Acree); Alvin Bates (Moler); Lori Bonnewell (Bonnewell); Glen & Allie Benson (Brubaker); John Booth (McKinney); Jim & Bonnie Brooks (Lloyd); Betty Brubaker (David’s mother); Angela Bruning (Martin Davis); Jacob Burkhart (Avants); Jerry Calcote (McGruder); Johnny Campbell (S Updegraff);Michelle Canada (Beverly Albee’s niece);  Lisa Coffman (Stanfill); Coleen Crow (Lange); Sue Crumrine (Gambill); Michael DeGennaro (Camp); Doug Egerer (M Holt); Barbara Fretwell (Reid); JoAnn Fritz (S Updegraff); Jennifer Fulton (Lewis); Jim Gladney (Moler); Malik Givens (Avants); Wayne Haney (Moler); Johnna Harvey (S Updegraff); Tom Henthorn (Albee);  Leo Hickman (Gambill); Betsy Hormel (Wakely); Rev. Lawrence Howard (M Howard); Sam Howard Howard); Jim Johnson (Greffin); Blair Lanning (Avants); Larry & Sandra (Stanfill); Gary LaVigna (S Updegraff); Amber Leamy (Niehoff); Misty Leeper (Jamison); Evelyn & Norman Lees (Lees); Rod & Cathy Lees (Lees); Leisinger Family (English); Cathy Martinez (Moler); Sue McCormick (Brubaker); David &  Diane McEvoy (Walters); Annis Hickman Miller (Gambill); Cathy Miller (Reid); George Niehoff (Niehoff); Michael Niehoff (Niehoff); JoEllen Rush (Searcy); Ralph Seabaugh (McKinney); Charlene Shirey (Pettigrew); Susannah Smith (Lees); Judy Soltis (Lewis); Joel & Jeff Staggs (Walters); Michael & Debbie Stevens McGruder); Rosa Stock (M Holt); Jim & Betty Temple (Williams); Alton Ray Tidwell (Niehoff); Austin Traylor (Traylor); Alyse Walker (Gambill); Lucille Williams (N Williams); Cindy Winkle (Fennell); Lori Zang (M Holt)