Online Community Guidelines

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What are the guidelines for use?

Please protect the privacy of fellow members! Violating any of these guidelines could result in blocked access.

By becoming an online community member, you agree to the following rules of use:

  • The Online Community is intended for personal and ministry use. It is not for solicitation of any kind. Do not use it for business purposes or for ministries, groups, etc. outside of the FCC MWC community.
  • Protect the privacy of members by not giving their phone numbers, etc. to others outside of the Online Community. If you would like someone’s number and they are ‘unlisted’, please ask them directly. FCC MWC cannot give out this information without prior consent. Our leaders use this private information with care.
  • Do not send emails that are not necessary and requested, e.g., jokes, stories, petitions, etc. Use the Online Community with care and courtesy for personal and friendly communication. Even if it’s interesting, funny, or important, do not send unsolicited information. Do not add members to email lists outside the Online Community without prior consent.
  • Members who engage in discussions are not to ‘slam’ other groups, churches, or organizations or attempt to solicit members for outside groups or organizations. Keep the Online Discussions and emails personal, positive, and profitable. Discussions will be monitored.
  • Online Members who become inactive at FCC MWC or who do not follow these guidelines and/or abuse the Online Community will have their login access blocked.

Members are to inform the church staff or leadership of any problems so a resolution can be found.